Carpet Pro CPU-1 Heavy Duty Household Upright

Carpet Pro CPU-1 Heavy Duty Household Upright

The Carpet Pro is available with or without tools.  No tools are preferred when not needed.  The vacuum is lighter and trimmer.  The tools will not get in the way, fall off or get lost.

This machine has been manufactured for over 25 years. Bags,belts and service can be had in any dealer location. The machines are reliable and relatively quiet. These machines use a "vacuum motor", a bypass design depositing dirt and debris into the bag prior to the air traveling through the motor. This means you can pick up coins, nuts, staples, paper clips and various small object without jeopardizing the motor. This design revolutionized "on board tools" for upright style vacs. For the first time, using a vacuum motor rather than an "open fan" motor, the tools suction actually generated suction power. Fishing for debris in crevice of couches could be achieved without sucking a coin into the fan and breaking a blade. The coin flies up the hose and into the bag, just as a canister vacuum would work. Now any tool or extension wand can be used with your upright vacuum. Since wall to wall carpeting, uprights have become the machine of choice. 80% of American household use an upright vac as the primary vacuum cleaner.
Metal Handle, Metal Bottom Plate and Metal Brushroll and 30' cord.
Filtration: Electrostatic Foam Filtration
Cleaning Width: 12 inches
Bag: Panasonic U-3/U-6 Genuine Bags, Envirocare Simplicity/Riccar regular or HEPA bags.

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