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Carpet Pro CPU-2T Commercial Upright Vacuum

Carpet Pro CPU-2T Commercial Upright Vacuum

There’s nothing like a quick sweep of a professional vacuum cleaner to freshen up your living or working space. Here is a true commercial machine that includes a number of convenient features including an Easy Bag Change System and a By-Pass Motor System. For the brushroll and the baseplate, Carpet Pro CPU-2 uses metal for both parts, this helps increase durability and prevents broken brushrolls or baseplates. Its commercial grade 40-foot cord lets you plug it in once and clean extensive spaces in no time. The host of on-board attachments on this one makes this much more convenient than the no tools model. The difference between the household version and the commercial version is simply the 3 wire cord on the commercial model.

The best vacuum cleaning system is defined by your cleaning needs and the environment you need it for – residential or commercial spaces. Most people don’t think too hard about buying a vacuum, often choosing to get cost effective models that may leave behind dust, particles and other particles despite multiple rounds of vacuuming. For commercial spaces, commercial vacuums serve the demands of faster cleaning of larger spaces. How do you find the best commercial vacuum cleaning system for your needs? At GoVacuum, it is our objective to create a reference guide for consumers looking to buy vacuums online. We cover old and new vacuum cleaner models every day and even provide replacement parts to maintain the performance of your older vacuum cleaners.

Product Features:
• 10 Amps
• 4-stage electrostatic filtration
• 40 ft. 3-wire cord
• 12" Metal Roller Brush
• Metal handle
• Metal bottom plate
• Soft furniture guard
• Includes On-Board Tools

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